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San Juan Island Fox Photography Workshop with Nate Luebbe and Autumn Schrock

Every spring on San Juan Island fox kits emerge from their dens ready to play and learn how to hunt. Join us in Western Washington as we capture these playful animals as they experience their many firsts.


May 13-15, 2020



Group Size


Fitness Level

Low - minimal walking, moderate temps


Wednesday, May 13th

Please arrive at Friday Harbor, San Juan Island before 3pm. We'll get you all checked into your room before going to an early group dinner where we'll get acquainted with one another and talk through techniques and settings to nail your shots. The foxes are most active around dawn and dusk, so after dinner we'll drive to our favorite fox-watching spot for sunset! 

Thursday, May 14th

We begin early, just before sunrise, to maximize our chances at catching a great shot! We'll spend a few hours photographing the foxes as they hunt for rabbits and play with one another in the morning light, changing locations occasionally to maximize our opportunities. After our morning session we'll head back into Friday Harbor for lunch and a group editing session before heading back out for more photography in the evening. After sunset we'll all retire to our lodging to get some rest before another early morning!

Friday, May 15th

On our last morning we'll meet just before sunrise again to give it another shot. We'll continue refining the skills and techniques developed over the previous days, working with the light to capture the perfect shot. We'll stop for one last lunch with a Q&A session before heading our separate ways.

What's Included

  • Two full days of fox photography
  • Unlimited expert instruction and guiding in the field
  • Post-processing lessons and presentations mid-day
  • Two instructors, which gives more one-on-one time
  • All permit fees
  • Double occupancy lodging (private space in shared suite)

What's Not Included

  • Meals
  • All transportation, including ferry tickets and road transport
  • Trip insurance (recommended)
  • Personal equipment (camera, tripod, laptop, etc.)
  • Guide gratuity

Recommended Gear

Above list is not comprehensive or mandatory. These are just our personal favorites. Please use the form at the bottom of the page if you have any questions.


What skill level is required to attend?

All levels are welcome, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro.

What fitness level is expected?

Low. There will be some walking around mostly on flat ground. Anyone of average fitness level will be fine!

Is this going to be the most fun I've ever had? 

Yes. It's very likely you'll never recover, and may struggle to attain this level of happiness ever again. Life will be bleak after this workshop and you'll be craving the next opportunity to hang out with Nate and Autumn in the wild. Fret not, little one, more workshops are around the corner!

Meet The Team

Nate Luebbe

Nate is a professional landscape/travel photographer from Seattle, Washington. He is a member of the Sony Alpha Collective and his work has been featured in several nation-wide publications in both print and online.

You can find more of Nate's work at @nateinthewild

Autumn Schrock

Autumn is a professional photographer from Seattle, Washington. She is a member of the Sony Alpha Collective, holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, and has been published internationally both digitally and in print.

You can find more of Autumn's work at @autpops